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2010 Sermon Listings

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Date Sermon Purchase Option
January 3 Go Forward And The Lord Will Fight Your Enemies
January 3 Its Not A Dream, Its The Lord's Doing
January 8 I'm Change Places
January 10 I've Been Through A Lots, But I'm Right Where God Wants Me To Be
January 17 My Blessing Has Finally Caught Up With Me
January 24 The Fight Was Over Before It Started
January 29 Don't Miss Your Opportunity
February 7 Thank God I Got My Breakthrough
February 12 I'm To Close To Where I'm Going To Let Where I Been Hold Me Back
February 14 We're Shouting Our Way Into Our Promise
February 21 It's Really Not My Fight, But Because I'm In It God Is Going To Help Me
February 21 Get Rid Of It
February 26 I'm Trading Places
February 28 I'll Be Alright When This Is Over
March 5 Don't Worry God's Gonna Fix It
March 7 Don't Do It No More
March 7 All I Know Is God Will Get The Glory